Becky McDonald –

Becky McDonald –

Becky McDonald has recently joined Hallmark Homes Real Estate Company as an Independent Real Estate Agent. Becky was raised in Manhattan (formerly Becky Adams) and graduated from Manhattan High School. She attended Ottawa University where she studied Psychology, History and Music. She and her husband lived, worked and raised their family of four children in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for thirteen years. It was in the Dallas area that Becky first started her own business and began teaching. In 1996 she moved with her husband and two boys to the foreign mission field to work with missionary children in school settings. All total, she and her husband, lived internationally for 15 yrs; spending time in Kenya and Beijing, China.

While in Kenya, Becky taught school part time; teaching History, Bible and eventually becoming head of the Home Economics department. In Beijing, Becky worked as administrative support as well as teaching secondary level Bible classes. In the administrative realm Becky worked primarily with recruiting, training and caring for staff in their relocation process. While in China she also started a small export business of house decorative items that was meant to source from low-income people groups. Due to working in these situations she also speaks a little Chinese.

Because of the life she has led, Becky has developed extensive experience in identifying people’s needs, assisting them in getting those needs met and helping them reach their goals. Her first hand experience in the adjustment process of moving and of helping others in that process has given her a foundation for understanding the needs of others as they relocate or simply change houses. She understands that a person’s home and the floor plan itself can have a large impact on the family and their life style.

Becky grew up with a father, Forrest Adams, who helped to build some of the houses around the Manhattan area. She understands a bit about the building process like “when a wall can be moved and when it can’t”. Partly because of this back ground she has a passion for older homes and preserving their integrity.

In the last couple of years, Becky has gained experience in the Manhattan area Real Estate Market as a licensed Realtor; both as a Listing agent and a Buyer’s agent, and has gained respect for her professionalism, integrity and caring attention to detail. She is looking forward to working through Hallmark Homes to use her expertise and life experiences to help others find the right place to be “home” for them and their families and help ease some of their adjustments in the moving process.


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